Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Year, A New Plan...

Guess who is least I hope.  It is very difficult to maintain a blog when you are a tad OCD.  For some reason I'm just realizing just how OCD I am on certain things.

Troy wishes that I was OCD with organizing and house straightening, but unfortunately I'm not.  My OCD actually makes that part harder.  As in when I get a magazine - I need to read it from cover to cover - typically also have to read the oldest one first...take that into account, with the fact that the magazine I typically read comes once a week - and my down time is about 5 minutes a day - leads to a stack of magazines by my bed.  And don't even think about asking me to throw them away....even if I'm a few months behind, I need to know what happened with Blake and Miranda, and whichever Teen Mom is in trouble, or was.

So with running a blog - I'd like to recap our day to day lives - at least the fun and crazy and memorable stuff....BUT I don't always have time to get what I want typed out....then when I have the time, I want to go back where I left off vs. starting with where I am....and once again - that stuff just stacks up - just in my brain, and not beside my bed.  When I can't do it in order, I just stop, as you can see in my lack of posts.  In all honesty, does it really matter if I tell you about my August Myrtle Beach Vacation before what happened in June??  To you no, to me, it's kinda like the end of the world.

So in 2016, I pledge to continue the blog, in some way shape or form.  It may not be in chronological order but it will be a bit more active - and less advertisements, and more about us.

Why I love to do reviews and giveaways, it adds additional stress on me, and sometimes I'm too worried about hitting the time lines than the actual reason for the post.  I've learned in reading other's blogs, that I enjoy the personal ones more than the ones that offer reviews and giveaways.  I want to know that "Molly" is stressed, trips while getting dress, and sent her child to soccer practice with ballet shoes - I mean that's what makes us human right??  (and why I am not Molly, I may have done all of the above at some point in time).

So here's to 2016, and getting to know the BOAT a little bit more....even if it's out of order!