Wednesday, November 24, 2010


While I was home on maternity leave we were able to take advantage of playdates for both O & B! Owen had a playdate with his friend Holden, and a Halloween party playdate with Ramsey & Emerson. Brynnleigh had her first playdate with Chloe who is exactly (well as exact as you can be minus 1 day) 1 month older than her and then had a playdate with Camryn & Kaitlyn who are about 2 weeks younger. Both of my kids are blessed to have so many good friends close in age.

I'm going to miss playdates when I go back to work. I love to see how my kids interact with others, and chit chat w/the mommies and compare notes. Luckily my Mom volunteers to take the kids to the playdates, so at least they won't miss out.

Happy 1 Month Brynnleigh

Yes...I know...this is a tad late (like 3 weeks)...but better late than never right?? I would think about posting...but never had a chance when I had two hands to type!!

So Brynnleigh turned 1 month on 11/4/10 and of course I made her take pictures. She wasn't too into it, but I got a few good ones so I'm happy.

At a month old, she's basically sleeping through the night. She's such a good baby!! For the most part she gets up between 3am -5am and goes back to sleep after her feeding! Her last feeding at night is between 8-10 pm.

Right now I am still pumping, but I'm spreading it out so I'm only pumping about 3-4 times a day. She's getting 2 formula bottles and the rest is breast milk. During the day she goes between 3-4 hrs between feedings, normally only 3 hrs.

She still sleeps a lot during the day, but has more alert time each day. She's fussy in the evenings from 7pm-9pm, but I'll take it if she keeps these long sleep patterns.

Happy 1 Month Brynnleigh....we can't wait to see what new things you'll do during the next month...and maybe Mommy will post your 2 month birthday closer to the actual date!!

At a month Miss Brynnleigh weighs 8 lbs 3 oz

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

So...I'm way past due on a blog post. I have a few lined up, we'll see when I get them on here! : ) I'm trying not to be on the computer all the time, and now that I'm not pumping anymore, I'm losing computer time, but gaining more quality time. Before when I would pump, really the only thing I could do was dabble on the internet (I was one handed...barely, so no typing, just searching) or watch tv. Not really what I want to do ALL day long every day. One day every now and then is nice.

So...back to the topic...Halloween!! Owen was soo soo excited, and well Brynnleigh was excited too...she just didn't know it yet. O wanted to be a white Troy helped O make it while he was on maternity leave. O looked awesome...and had a huge smile on his face as he walked up to every house. Everyone commented on his costume...and as we were walking the neighborhood...I realized that most kids did not "make" costumes anymore. Owen was unique....and he loved every second of attention he got. He did get upset when people thought he was a microwave...until he realized that he could use the costume again...and year...he wants to be a microwave!!! My little frugal trick or treater!! : )

We had a halloween party at O's girlfriends' house and he loved it. Brynnleigh slept through the whole party....but she had a blast too...and met a future boyfriend!! Thanks R & E for inviting us!!

Halloween evening we went trick or treating w/O's other girlfriend & neighbor. He loved walking around w/G and wanted to hold her hand all night. He asks me every few days if he can go trick or treating w/G again!!

While Owen was out and about, Brynnleigh hung out at home with Missy & Papa while Daddy handed out candy. Brynnleigh cannot wait to walk around next year.
O was a good sport and always said Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween and thank you. The cutest thing...his favorite house was the one w/two boys that gave him pencils & twizzlers. He still talks about the "two boys who gave him pencils & twizzlers".