Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nursery Photos

Finally....the nursery is DONE!!! I still need to organize the armoire...but it's behind closed I can deal!! : ) I need to get O a new hamper and move his into Brynnleigh's room. I wanted a green one for her....and well O's doesn't match is new I might as well buy him one and let her use his. Of course I can't find anything that I like for him....they either don't have tops, or are too adult or baby looking. Why can't they just make the same hamper in primary colors?? I'd be happy!!! Then again, I haven't really looked that hard. We'll make it work somehow! you go....

Ignore the gift bags in the corner by the armoire....I need to move those to the other room. I LOVE our Brynnleigh decal...special thanks to Homesweetwalls on Etsy for making this for's perfect!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Best Baby Gift!!

Ever wonder what is the best thing to get an expectant parent? It's not the fun cute stuff, or even the cheap stuff....but it makes life so much easier for the parents to be....especially first time parents to be.

DIAPERS & WIPES of course!!!

We were very fortunate to have been given lots of diapers & wipes and a few packs I've picked up on super sale. We may be able to make it the first 6 months without haveing to buy diapers and wipes. I have more wipes in the linen closet & O's closet, just didn't think it was worth moving at this point.

We only have 3 packs of Newborn diapers, but at 10 diapers a day, it will last us about 10 days and we will get some at the hospital too. O was 7lbs 1 oz and was not in newborns very long. We were able to bump him up once we ran out, so I plan to do that with Miss Thang too. If she's tiny, I'll go pick up some newborns if necessary.

We have size newborn to size 3's...with the most being size 1's.

We were lucky w/Owen too....I can't remember how old he was before we had to go buy diapers. W/a newborn....especially during flu & RSV season, it's sooo nice to have a nice stock of diapers, wipes, and formula (or breastmilk) less thing to have to worry about!!

So whenever in diapers (w/gift receipt if you don't know what brand they plan to use) and wipes....and for all you preggos out there....if you know what brand you want to use...register for it. It helps to know your preference!!!