Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 3 Months Brynnleigh!!

Brynnleigh turned 3 months old on January 4th....I'm still trying to grasp that my baby girl is 3 months old already.  It seems like I just had her, but then again, it seems like she's always been around!!  We are so lucky to have such an easy baby...and B is soo lucky to have such a great big brother!!

B is about 12 lbs (no Dr visit this month..so it's all on Mommy's gut guess) and is loving life.  She has her last bottle around 8-9 pm and sleeps ALL night long (which Mommy & Daddy are very thankful for).  She gets her first bottle of the day around 7:45-8 AM.
Brynnleigh & George
At 3 Months Old, Brynnleigh:
Has 5 - 5 oz bottles each day
Wears 0-3 month clothes
Uses Size 1 Diapers
Likes to talk, sing, and laugh
LOVES to watch her brother & smile at him
Enjoy's watching her fishies in her crib
LOVES to watch football (not sure what to do when the season is over with)

Brynnleigh's nicknames at 3 months old:
Baby Girl (or Baby GURLLL...by O)
Baby Sister

Owen is still doing great as a big brother.  He is very protective of B and always wants her in the same room/car with him.  I often find him playing in her room and talking to her via the monitor or while in her crib.

Brynnleigh, I hope you've enjoyed your first months as much as we do.  You really round out a family and we love you very much!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dress Up!!

So...I think this is one of the few worries Troy had when we found out that B was a little girl...the wonderful world of Dress up!!  O was sleeping one afternoon, and Troy was off doing something else, so Brynnleigh and I decided (yes...at 3.5 months old you get a say in what we do around here!!) to play a little dress up.  We had so much fun with the first outfit...we never moved on!!  I can't wait for many more opportunities to play dress up with you baby girl!!  I know your brother will play with us too...and we can just send Daddy somewhere while we play.  Honestly though, with how wrapped our kids have their Daddy...I'm sure he'll be prancing around in tiara's and painted fingernails with the best of them!!

Yes...my Daddy is wrapped around my finger!!

Who me?

Monday, January 17, 2011

A White Christmas

Christmas night
So all day Christmas it snowed...it was beautiful!!  For the most part of the day, it just fell, no real accumilation...but as the sun went down, the snow started to stick.  On the way to Troy's parents house the roads were already starting to cover, but not bad...but the time we left Troy's parents house (9ish) it was getting bad.  Of course as we were trying to leave, B had to eat, and well O was O...and didn't want to leave.  It continued to snow over night, and all day Sunday.  We probably got about 6 inches total, but the roads remained clear all day on Sunday.  Since it was such a slow snow...VDOT was able to maintain the roads.  Even my neighborhood roads got scraped!!

My snow bunnies!
O enjoyed playing in the snow & shoveling the driveway (I hope he always loves to do this...and cut the grass...heee hee).  I even dressed B up so we could get a photo op of the two snow bunnies!!  I wasn't able to get a great pic of the two...it was way too windy to keep B out there!!  I hope next year we get some decent snow so B can enjoy it!!

O wanted to make a snowman...but the snow wasn't the right consistancy...so maybe we will get some more this winter so he can have his snowman!! ; )

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Merry Christmas


Okay...I'm hoping to get a few posts in the next few days to catch us up...

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  We had a great Christmas, and are still celebrating!!  I'm pretty sure we started a new tradition...Christmas Eve we had dinner at Troy's parents house (we normally did this).  This year we had pancakes, sausage, &  bacon...and it was awesome!!  We didn't have to beg, barter or plead to get O to eat...and next year it will be something that B can eat as well.  Christmas mornings are so hectic that breakfast is quick, so this makes up for it.  I can't wait for pancakes next Christmas Eve!!

Their loot from Santa!

Granny spent the night again...which O loves and we had a great Christmas day with both of our families.  We started with Santa at our house at 7:30 am...then went to MeeMaw & PawPaw's (Troy's parents), then to Missy & Papa's (Amy's parents).  Later that afternoon, Amy's family all gathered at Missy & Papa's, and then we left to go back to MeeMaw & PawPaw's for Christmas w/Troy's extended family.  We were home around 10pm and then Troy & I did our Christmas.

We just met with good friends to exchange presents, and my brother, soon to be sister in law, and niece are coming in town tomorrow!!  I'm soo excited.

Over the Holiday season we made sure to take the kids to see Santa, O did a Gingerbread house w/Missy & Papa, and we watched every Christmas movie we could find.  Owen was sent and elf on the shelf from santa on Thanksgiving, and named him Thomas (big shocker right??).  O wasn't a big fan of Thomas, but he did love looking for him EVERY morning.  O also loved moving the candy cane on the Christams....and Granny coming countdown calendar.  O put out rainbow cookies & milk for Santa Christmas eve too.  We had so much fun with Owen this holiday season and can't wait to see Brynnleigh next year as she starts to understand the magic of the season!!

This year Owen asked Santa for three main things, Thomas - Misty Island Rescue, Ice Cream Shop Playdoh, and Motegra (Tomica Monarail system).  O also asked Santa for the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen for Brynnleigh and a green race car for Daddy.  Owen got everything he asked for for himself and others....everything except for the Motegra....I am thankful that Santa realized just HOW MANY cars, trains, trucks, etc. O had already and decided it would be better to bring him a few other things instead.

Brynnleigh enjoyed her first Christmas....she was spoiled w/family and friends being held ALL day long!!  She did take a nice nap at Missy & Papas...but then threw a bit of a fit at MeeMaw & PawPaw's later that night....poor baby was worn out!

We also got to experience snow this Christmas...it started falling Christmas morning, but did not start sticking until dinner time....and continued to snow all day Sunday.  It was pretty, and we got about 6" so O got to play Sunday, and of course B went out for a pic.

I had a great Christmas, and I hope Troy did as well.  We scaled down on each other this year, but I got everything on my list...and Troy got most everything on his list. 

O opening his gift for B

We hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!!

Toy Story 3

O with Misty Island Rescue