Monday, January 17, 2011

A White Christmas

Christmas night
So all day Christmas it was beautiful!!  For the most part of the day, it just fell, no real accumilation...but as the sun went down, the snow started to stick.  On the way to Troy's parents house the roads were already starting to cover, but not bad...but the time we left Troy's parents house (9ish) it was getting bad.  Of course as we were trying to leave, B had to eat, and well O was O...and didn't want to leave.  It continued to snow over night, and all day Sunday.  We probably got about 6 inches total, but the roads remained clear all day on Sunday.  Since it was such a slow snow...VDOT was able to maintain the roads.  Even my neighborhood roads got scraped!!

My snow bunnies!
O enjoyed playing in the snow & shoveling the driveway (I hope he always loves to do this...and cut the grass...heee hee).  I even dressed B up so we could get a photo op of the two snow bunnies!!  I wasn't able to get a great pic of the was way too windy to keep B out there!!  I hope next year we get some decent snow so B can enjoy it!!

O wanted to make a snowman...but the snow wasn't the right maybe we will get some more this winter so he can have his snowman!! ; )

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