Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Owen is very excited about Christmas...and wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!!

1st Christmas Present of 2008

Owen opened his first Christmas present from Ramsey on Monday.

Ramsey was so thoughtful and gave Owen a reindeer (or Deer as Owen calls it)pez, and PLAYDOH!! ; ). Owen carries his "deer" around with him until he runs out of candy...then he hands it to Mommy...who then hides it!! : ) We went ahead and let Owen test out the playdoh while Mommy was fixing dinner. The first piece went straight to the mouth...but then he caught on that it was a toy, not food. He did test us every now and then and put it up to his mouth...laugh as we jumped, and then put it down!! Owen is very lucky to have such a great friend like Ramsey!!

(By the way...Ramsey...would you like fingerpaints for your birthday? I hear they look great on little baby sisters?) : )

Who needs presents when you can have a box?

Owen's new thing....boxes!! He gets soo excited when we come home and there's a new box at the door. We rush to open it...and empty it, so Owen can play with his new toy!! It's a shame that Santa wasn't told about the boxes...he and the elves could have saved a lot this year!! : )

Our little Chef!!

It looks like Owen is taking after his Uncle Jamy who is a chef in Charleston, SC. He loves to help out in the kitchen. Better watch out...pretty soon he'll be a better cook than his Mommy! : )

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Owen's Big Boy Seat

We went to Babies r Us last night to get Owen a potty...and of course left there with so much more. We decided to get Owen a "big boy" seat for the kitchen table and of course had to try it out that night. Owen did awesome...he was a little confused when we didn't pull out the high chair...but as soon as he saw Subway...he went to town. He ended up liking his seat so much that he ate the whole Subway kids sub (or maybe he was just hungry). Our little baby is growing up soo fast!!

We did get the potty...but that of course is still in the box...

Decorating for Christmas

We decided to put the Christmas tree and inside Christmas decorations up the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. We were a little worried about how Owen would react....he loved it. He would hand Troy the branches to the long as he didn't have to touch the bristle part of the branch. Owen also enjoyed playing in the Christmas tree storage tote, watching one of Mommy's favorite Christmas movies, Elf, (The other favorite is "The Christmas Story), and dancing and signing to Christmas music. And here's a video of Owen rocking out to the Christmas music!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Owen has become fascinated with the Wii. He will pull the remote out, attach the wrist strap, turn the tv on AV/Video...and wait for us to do the rest. He loves to bowl, but hasn't mastered hitting all the buttons yet. His next favorite that he can play all by himself is out Uncle Jamy!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I decided to make cupcakes the other evening and both Troy & Owen dug right in. Since Owen has been trying to "blow" out every thing that is lit (even candles in books) we lit a candle and put it on his cupcake....he knew exactly what to do.

After he blew out his candle, he made sure to blow out Mommy & Daddy's on their cupcakes as well!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Way of Updating

Instead of doing the email updates I am going to try and keep this up to date w/all of Owen's new things and pictures. Hopefully I will do better at keeping this up to date than I have been doing the emails!!

Owen is very excited about his new page!!