Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My baby blues!!

Both of my babies have been blessed with super blue eyes...and well, I love it.  How can you tell those baby blues no?  I mean come on now!!  So...yes my baby girl loves her pink...but she looks good in blue too...brings out her eyes!!
And yes, O's eyes look exactly like this...his do have a little tinge of green...but it's one speck...and I love his baby blues just as much!!

So enjoy some random pics of my babies!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beach Babe!!

Brynnleigh is sooo excited for the beach...and she doesn't even know what to expect!!  Owen is also super excited, he asks us every day...."how many more days till we go to the beach?".

Once again, we were lucky to be given bathing suits & a sun hat from MP & RP and we had to try them on to make sure they would work for us.  And of course, I had the camera ready!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Nutzy, O, & Another Nutzy

Well...yes...we could use that to describe our family...but it's also the mascot of our new (it's their second season) baseball team, the Flying Squirrels.  O is all about baseball and the fwwyinng squirwels as he calls them.  PawPaw was able to get the Box, so we could take both kids comfortably. (Yes we are spoiled...and well we don't have a problem with that).

Brynnleigh LOVED her first baseball game.  She was in love with all the music and action going on around her.

O kept going in an out from the box, but he enjoyed watching the game and LOVED being allowed to flag down the cotton candy guy and purchase his own bag.

After the game we headed to the dugout, where once again, O batted his eyes and got a free baseball (he is 3 for 3...not sure how I can break it to him that it doesn't always happen).  Then he got to run from home to first.  He really wanted to run all the way around, but luckily they had it set up so he did what he was supposed to.  He actually passed the little boy in front of him he was running so fast.  He gave Nutzy a high five on first base and we headed home.

I'm not sure we were even out of the parking lot before he looked like this...

I'm so glad my kids enjoy being outside and watching sports...and I'm so glad that Richmond was able to get a baseball team after loosing the Braves!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Swagbucks Update

Search & Win

Yes I know...it's been a long time since I've updated...and I'm only updating w/a Swagbucks update!!  I promise to bring you up to date w/the kids...and of course include pictures!!

So now...onto Swagbucks....

It's been a while since I updated...on my last update on 4/7/11 I had :

$15.00 redeemed
1641 swagbucks
104,109 needed for my watch

Search & Win

Today, I have
$40.00 redeemed
253 swagbucks
94,247 swagbucks needed....BUT

My wonderful husband & children gave me a $100.00 Amazon gift card for Mother's Day.  I really really wanted to try and earn my watch w/nothing but swagbucks...but...I really really really want that watch.  And if I have to wait a year or two, I might not need it anymore...so I'm putting this towards my watch...and maybe I'll keep going to earn that extra $100.00 and get something fun...or by then, I'll probably have my sites on something else!!

So...w/my $100.00 gift card added in...I have
$40.00 swagbucks redeemed
$100.00 gift card
253 swagbucks
49,247 swagbucks left

Search & Win

So feel free to click the link and start swagbucking today!!  Just remember...1 account per household!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sometimes having your camera helps...

So what do you do when you throw the gift card your husband needed in your purse....and you realized it on the day of their birthday, and you are at work...45 minutes away....you take a picture of course!  So I am that girl who almost ALWAYS has her camera...so I took a few pics of the gift card and myself and sent a cute little email to my hubby explaining just how much fun we were having together and that his coworker would have to wait until the next day as long as we didn't extend our "playdate".

Yes...I'm crazy...but that's why you love me right?

Thanks for being so understandable of us Lack's TC...sorry your present was late....but we did have fun together!! ; )

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look Mom...I can sit!!

So the past few days I've noticed that Brynnleigh is holding herself up and sitting on my lap with very little support.  So...I decided to try it out.  Of course playing with a new toy (well new to her because she can just now play with it) always helps.

B had soo soo much fun playing with her Fisher Price kitchen that Owen asked Santa to bring her!!  I know that she will have tons of fun playing with this for a long long time!!

Maybe with us introducing this kitchen toy to B so early, she will have some interest in cooking....and just maybe...she'll learn how to cook...since her Momma is still trying to figure this out!

These pics were taken at 6 months and 6 days....Owen was about 6.5 months before he was sitting this well.  So far, this is the first milestone that B has reached before O.

Here are the rest of the pics of B and the kitchen...she was soo cute!!