Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Nutzy, O, & Another Nutzy

Well...yes...we could use that to describe our family...but it's also the mascot of our new (it's their second season) baseball team, the Flying Squirrels.  O is all about baseball and the fwwyinng squirwels as he calls them.  PawPaw was able to get the Box, so we could take both kids comfortably. (Yes we are spoiled...and well we don't have a problem with that).

Brynnleigh LOVED her first baseball game.  She was in love with all the music and action going on around her.

O kept going in an out from the box, but he enjoyed watching the game and LOVED being allowed to flag down the cotton candy guy and purchase his own bag.

After the game we headed to the dugout, where once again, O batted his eyes and got a free baseball (he is 3 for 3...not sure how I can break it to him that it doesn't always happen).  Then he got to run from home to first.  He really wanted to run all the way around, but luckily they had it set up so he did what he was supposed to.  He actually passed the little boy in front of him he was running so fast.  He gave Nutzy a high five on first base and we headed home.

I'm not sure we were even out of the parking lot before he looked like this...

I'm so glad my kids enjoy being outside and watching sports...and I'm so glad that Richmond was able to get a baseball team after loosing the Braves!

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