Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look Mom...I can sit!!

So the past few days I've noticed that Brynnleigh is holding herself up and sitting on my lap with very little support.  So...I decided to try it out.  Of course playing with a new toy (well new to her because she can just now play with it) always helps.

B had soo soo much fun playing with her Fisher Price kitchen that Owen asked Santa to bring her!!  I know that she will have tons of fun playing with this for a long long time!!

Maybe with us introducing this kitchen toy to B so early, she will have some interest in cooking....and just maybe...she'll learn how to cook...since her Momma is still trying to figure this out!

These pics were taken at 6 months and 6 days....Owen was about 6.5 months before he was sitting this well.  So far, this is the first milestone that B has reached before O.

Here are the rest of the pics of B and the kitchen...she was soo cute!!

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