Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 6 Months Brynnleigh

I CANNOT  believe that my baby is 6 months old....1/2 a's just crazy!!  Baby are growing up way too fast.  You are soo soo happy and only cry when you are hungry, or want some attention.  You love your brother...and still smile and laugh everytime he looks at you.

We had your 6 month appointment and you did so well.  You took your shots like a champ.  You are in the 40/50% for weight/height, and your head is 97% (just like your brother!)

You wear 3-6 month clothes (and a few 0-3 sleepers) and size 2 diapers.  You are still take 5 bottles a day (2 6oz & 3 5oz) and have rice cereal in the morning and a fruit/veggie w/cereal in the evening. 

The the best update of all....YOU ARE SLEEPING AGAIN!!!  We had a rough few weeks/months when you didn't want to sleep...and we are soo soo soo happy that you now sleep all night again.

Being such the good mother that I am....I don't remember all your stats from the Drs. appt.  I do have them written down...just not somewhere I can get to right now.

You were 16 lbs 5 oz....that I remember....I had guessed that you were going to be 16 lbs 4 oz...pretty close!!

You are all about your toys....especially those which make noise....and your brother's toys!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monument 10K

So once again I signed up to run the Monument 10K.  PBM got me into this and I've run it every year since Owen was a year old.  Yes, that means I ran it 10-12 weeks pregnant with Brynnleigh.  This year, I was sooo sooo excited that I finally talked my friend Amy into running it with me.  I'd been working on her for about 2 years to pretty much run anything...and in about 10 minutes I had her signed up for this and a 1/2 marathon.  (Yes Amy...I'm pretty sure I owe you a few favors after this).  I also had Paige (PBM) and my cousin Loretta running as well.  I had been on both of them for awhile as well. 

Troy ran as well...but well, he's just a tad faster than me....and Amy's husband ran too.  I'm pretty sure they were done before our heat even went off!

We all did the YMCA 10K training team, and Amy and I did a few other runs together as well.

Amy & I
Well Saturday 4/2 came...and we headed out to the run.  The weather was good...a little cool...but no rain (it was in the forcast).  Amy, Loretta, & I all started together (Paige went to her daughter's 1st soccer game - family always comes first for us!).  We stayed together for about the first mile...and then we started to split up.  Amy was on a roll....and rolled ahead.  I tried my best to keep up...but well, I couldn't!  Loretta stayed within earshot...which was super impressive because she was not able to attend a lot of the training sessions.

Loretta, Miguel, Amy, Troy, & Me
So all in all, we all survived and it was great running with friends and family!  I'm so glad to have friends/family who share the same interests as me and help motivate and push me.'s from 6.2 miles, to've got some work to do!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swagbucks Update

Search & Win
Sorry this is a little late...both kids and myself have been sick (just colds...but enough to mess up my updates!)

Sorry Troy....I know you don't like these updates...I promise kid pictures soon & running update soon.


Last Week 3/29/11
1296 Swagbucks
$15.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
$235.00 left earn
19854 swagbucks needed if redeeming $5.00 gift cards

This week 4/7/11 (2 days later....sorry)
1641 Swagbucks
$15.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
$235.00 left to earn
19509 swagbucks needed if redeeming $5.00 gift cards

So in a week and 2 days I earned 345 swagbucks which is 114 more than last week...woohooo.  Now if only I can earn that each would help a ton.  If I earned 345 swagbucks a week, it would take me 57 weeks...a little over a year to make my goal.  I like that this keeps getting shorter and shorter!!

I plan on redeeming a few gift cards so my numbers will be low next week...but hopefuly I can earn another 345 or more this week.

I'm upset because I only redeemed 3- $5 cards in March...I wanted to max out and get 5 so I'm not forced to waste swagbucks on a larger quantity card, or waiting an extra month because I've maxed out my cards.  I did contact swagbucks to ask why a $25 and a $50 card cost more than a $ would think that they would reward those who are able to save up.  We'll see what I find out.

Don't forget to sign up to swagbuck w/me.  With each referral I will give tips/tricks on accumulating swagbucks!!
Search & Win

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brynnleigh & Sweet Potatoes

Brynnleigh got her first taste of REAL baby food on 3/27/11.  Her Doctor had suggested that we start with orange/yellow her first taste...was Sweet Potatos...I mean who doesn't LOVE sweet potatos? 

Brynnleigh?  Well maybe I should have thought about this...O doesn't like Sweet Potatos...and neither does Troy...but I LOVE them.....lets give it another try...

Okay Mom...this stuff might not be too bad....let me lick my lips a bit...don't's not because I like it...I just want to clean my mouth..

Okay okay...this stuff is pretty good....just make sure I still get my bottle!!

B ate the ENTIRE container of sweet potatos...after a few days of sweet potatos we are going to try carrots then squash...hopefully they all go this well!

Monday, April 4, 2011


So I was selected to be a BzzAgent.

BzzAgent Badge

At BzzAgent ( you can sign up to be selected for BzzCampaigns which is where you get to test a product and write reviews and spread "Bzz" about a product.  There are all types of products, and BzzAgent tries to match you up with a product.  As you move up the "honeycomb" you are selected for better BzzCampaigns and have earlier opportunities to qualify.  You can opt out of any Bzzcampaigns that you are not interested in.

Well...I signed up, fully anticipating to have to wait a long long time before I was selected...but I was wrong...withing a couple of days I was selected to review L'Oreal The One Sweep Eye Shadow and Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara.

The kit contained a BzzGuide, 1 mascara and 1 eyeshadow matched to my eye color.  I was soo excited to try these, but had  wait a day or two.

Before Eye Products

So...I applied both..the One Sweep Eye Shadow was easy to apply once I figured out how to "swipe" the brush applicator to get the colors in the right order...of course a lot of this difficutly was from lack of sleep.  The mascara is a two step process which can be worn 2 different ways.  One way is more of a day time look, while the other is more of a nighttime look.

After Eye Products

Coming from a very infrequent make up wearer...I really liked these two products. They were simple to apply and were not too overpowering on my face.  Also, they did not feel heavy or itchy during the day.  My eyes are very sensitive and sometimes after a few hours, my eyes itch w/mascara. This did not happen w/these products, actually, I forgot I had it one most of the day.

I have already recommended to friends and family how much I like this makeup.

(I received these products from BzzAgent for free to review and spread my honest thoughts & opinions)

Friday, April 1, 2011

King of the Hill....or Mulch!

We decided to have mulch delivered to the house versus buying multiple bags from Lowes.  It also helped that the mulch company was offering a 15% discount, and cut $10 off the delivery fee since we live right down the street.

So...Troy & I ran in the morning, then went to O's soccer game, just in time to come home to a big pile of mulch!  O loved it!  He got to go to Lowe's w/, put together, and ride in the wheel barrow, and play in mulch.

Brynnleigh and I stayed inside, ate, rested, and straightened up.  O did a great job mulching and both him and Daddy were exhausted by the end of the day!