Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monument 10K

So once again I signed up to run the Monument 10K.  PBM got me into this and I've run it every year since Owen was a year old.  Yes, that means I ran it 10-12 weeks pregnant with Brynnleigh.  This year, I was sooo sooo excited that I finally talked my friend Amy into running it with me.  I'd been working on her for about 2 years to pretty much run anything...and in about 10 minutes I had her signed up for this and a 1/2 marathon.  (Yes Amy...I'm pretty sure I owe you a few favors after this).  I also had Paige (PBM) and my cousin Loretta running as well.  I had been on both of them for awhile as well. 

Troy ran as well...but well, he's just a tad faster than me....and Amy's husband ran too.  I'm pretty sure they were done before our heat even went off!

We all did the YMCA 10K training team, and Amy and I did a few other runs together as well.

Amy & I
Well Saturday 4/2 came...and we headed out to the run.  The weather was good...a little cool...but no rain (it was in the forcast).  Amy, Loretta, & I all started together (Paige went to her daughter's 1st soccer game - family always comes first for us!).  We stayed together for about the first mile...and then we started to split up.  Amy was on a roll....and rolled ahead.  I tried my best to keep up...but well, I couldn't!  Loretta stayed within earshot...which was super impressive because she was not able to attend a lot of the training sessions.

Loretta, Miguel, Amy, Troy, & Me
So all in all, we all survived and it was great running with friends and family!  I'm so glad to have friends/family who share the same interests as me and help motivate and push me.

Now...it's from 6.2 miles, to 13.1...wow...I've got some work to do!!

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