Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swagbucks Update

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Sorry this is a little late...both kids and myself have been sick (just colds...but enough to mess up my updates!)

Sorry Troy....I know you don't like these updates...I promise kid pictures soon & running update soon.


Last Week 3/29/11
1296 Swagbucks
$15.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
$235.00 left earn
19854 swagbucks needed if redeeming $5.00 gift cards

This week 4/7/11 (2 days later....sorry)
1641 Swagbucks
$15.00 in Amazon Gift Cards
$235.00 left to earn
19509 swagbucks needed if redeeming $5.00 gift cards

So in a week and 2 days I earned 345 swagbucks which is 114 more than last week...woohooo.  Now if only I can earn that each would help a ton.  If I earned 345 swagbucks a week, it would take me 57 weeks...a little over a year to make my goal.  I like that this keeps getting shorter and shorter!!

I plan on redeeming a few gift cards so my numbers will be low next week...but hopefuly I can earn another 345 or more this week.

I'm upset because I only redeemed 3- $5 cards in March...I wanted to max out and get 5 so I'm not forced to waste swagbucks on a larger quantity card, or waiting an extra month because I've maxed out my cards.  I did contact swagbucks to ask why a $25 and a $50 card cost more than a $ would think that they would reward those who are able to save up.  We'll see what I find out.

Don't forget to sign up to swagbuck w/me.  With each referral I will give tips/tricks on accumulating swagbucks!!
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