Sunday, December 21, 2008

1st Christmas Present of 2008

Owen opened his first Christmas present from Ramsey on Monday.

Ramsey was so thoughtful and gave Owen a reindeer (or Deer as Owen calls it)pez, and PLAYDOH!! ; ). Owen carries his "deer" around with him until he runs out of candy...then he hands it to Mommy...who then hides it!! : ) We went ahead and let Owen test out the playdoh while Mommy was fixing dinner. The first piece went straight to the mouth...but then he caught on that it was a toy, not food. He did test us every now and then and put it up to his mouth...laugh as we jumped, and then put it down!! Owen is very lucky to have such a great friend like Ramsey!!

(By the way...Ramsey...would you like fingerpaints for your birthday? I hear they look great on little baby sisters?) : )

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Goeltzy said...

As long as it is tasty fingerpaint Ramsey will take it! Ramsey misses Owen!