Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 3 Months Brynnleigh!!

Brynnleigh turned 3 months old on January 4th....I'm still trying to grasp that my baby girl is 3 months old already.  It seems like I just had her, but then again, it seems like she's always been around!!  We are so lucky to have such an easy baby...and B is soo lucky to have such a great big brother!!

B is about 12 lbs (no Dr visit this month..so it's all on Mommy's gut guess) and is loving life.  She has her last bottle around 8-9 pm and sleeps ALL night long (which Mommy & Daddy are very thankful for).  She gets her first bottle of the day around 7:45-8 AM.
Brynnleigh & George
At 3 Months Old, Brynnleigh:
Has 5 - 5 oz bottles each day
Wears 0-3 month clothes
Uses Size 1 Diapers
Likes to talk, sing, and laugh
LOVES to watch her brother & smile at him
Enjoy's watching her fishies in her crib
LOVES to watch football (not sure what to do when the season is over with)

Brynnleigh's nicknames at 3 months old:
Baby Girl (or Baby GURLLL...by O)
Baby Sister

Owen is still doing great as a big brother.  He is very protective of B and always wants her in the same room/car with him.  I often find him playing in her room and talking to her via the monitor or while in her crib.

Brynnleigh, I hope you've enjoyed your first months as much as we do.  You really round out a family and we love you very much!

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