Thursday, February 3, 2011

When I run...

This is just a fun little glimpse into my crazy head!!  So...when I run...I randomly get lost in thought. want to know just what it is I think about as I run??  Well a little bit of everything...and what I think about completely different than what I thought about yesterday and what I will think about tomorrow.  Normally something sparks my thought process while I'm running...and  I just take it from there. the beginning I did warn you that my head is crazy!  I also tend to think a lot about what I want to look like, what I want to wear ( crazy head designs clothes during my run as well) and just why I am putting my body through this!!

So on Tuesday when I was running....I have planned a whole 5K run....(once again...remember I warned you that I was crazy)....I was sooo sooo soo excited when I was done and went to tell Troy....and well....he didn't care.  Just so ya'll all don't think that Troy is a jerk....he offered to pick up the kids & fix dinner so I could run....well during all of that time...Brynnleigh was SCREAMING...she just didn't care that Mommy was running, Daddy was fixing dinner, and Owen was in his train coma building train tracks.  I think Troy was just a tad bit on edge when bubbly little running Amy picks up Brynnleigh (who immediately stops screaming...sorry Daddy...sometimes a girl just needs her Momma) and gasps "I've got this whole 5K thing I want to do totally planned out"!

So....since Troy wouldn't hear me out.....I'm throwing this out on the blogosphere!!  I hope I can seriously do all this and organize it....but it's a lot of is my plan:

AMY's 5K - to be named later

WHERE - Hampton Park - Otterdale Rd.
WHEN - Early fall, or spring (I'll explain why this time later)
CAUSE - School of Autism, Richmond (need to get school name, check to see if they are interested, etc)
Reason forCause - Neighbor's son (Conner) goes to this school...and for some reason O is infatuated w/Conner...and I think you should always pick something close to home...even if you take that literally.
    1. Ultimate Backyard (playground company) - why you ask?  because Conner loves to swing & be outside (hence the fall/spring time frame) - contact - guy we just bought swingset from
    2. YMCA - they will be builing a new one in neighborhood - great way to get community involved (need to make sure YMCA doesn't have strict regulations on who they are allowed to "sponsor", ie, specific charities) - contact - O's tball coach
    3.L&F Beran Team - this is probably more help to me, than a sponsor...but back in the day I remember Kristin and I saying that we would always keep the Golf Samaratins Golf tournament going...well 5 years later, it's stopped.  I think this would be a good way for us to keep the thought going, and Kristin has a lot of contacts that could help...need to make sure they approve of cause...

I've also thought about making sure this is safe w/road closures/directing traffic...I have 2 friends (well....contacts I guess) who are in the police force to see if they could help to see what we need to do.

Soooo...what am I waiting for you ask??  I have no idea...I need to start looking up how to start a 5k organized race...and I need to start asking my potential helpers/sponsors/causes to see if they are interested....the only problem....I don't want to start asking until I know 100% that I can do this.  The last thing I want to do is get someone else's hopes up, and then it doesn't happen.

So...any help/advice/shake me so I realize just how crazy I am....well I'll take it.

Don't worry....I'm not running by myself again for another I should be back to blogs about the kids soon!

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thqueenbe said...

Hrm. I got no advice, but I can tell you I think it's a GREAT idea...! It's a perfect area to run out there, and it sounds like you have the contacts you need. I'd be willing to bet that Runner Bill's would also let you post a flier in his store...he always does! Don't forget the magic of facebook for recruiting volunteers and runners! I'll check in with you later to see if you've made progress :)