Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm an Aunt

My sweet niece Kyra

So...my niece is 16 months old...and I'm still soo soo soo excited to be an aunt.  Kyra...you are by far the best niece in the whole wide world...I love as much as I love my own kids.  I wish you lived closer to us so we could do so much more together and you and your cousins could go to the zoo/park/playground together.  Don't worry....I'm still working on your Mommy & Daddy and trying to get them to move close to your Aunt Amy!!

Cousin Love
So...in case you didn't figure it out..my brother, his fiance (my soon to be sister in law!!) and my sweet sweet niece Kyra came to visit...(yes...this was January...I'm trying to catch up..promise).  We celebrated Christmas since they weren't in town.  Mom, Liz & I took a shopping day...which was a blast.  The three of us in Victoria Secret during a super sale...now that is fun...and a site to see!

Missy & Kyra
It was the most anticipated week in a long time, the most fun....and well by far...the quickest week.  I swear they came in town...and left before I realized a week had gone on.  Don't worry...I tried to find a way to knock them out and make them stay....but well...my brother is tough.

Owen, Kyra, & Papa

My brother & his Superman snuggie

I soo wish we lived closer...I know Liz & I would be the best of friends (well actually we are already...but we would totally hang out all the time if we were closer)...Jamy & Troy would constantly be finding ways to hide up in the third floor to watch soccer...or out trying to beat each other in golf.....and well the kids...would be kids...there's nothing like playtime w/the cousins.  (I totally remember hanging out w/my cousins and trying to persuade my parents to let me spend the night).

Kyra playing in B's swing

Kyra in B's Carseat...who needs toys when you have cousins?

Kyra & her russian hat Missy bought

 During the super short week...we spent lots of time just hanging out at my parents house, talking and letting the kids play. We took professional pics of the two families and all the kids....talk about an experience...3 kids 3 & under...trying to stand/sit in one place....not such a smart idea!! We went to Chuck E Cheese (O's choice of course), celebrated Christmas, and a girls day shopping trip, and a date night (Troy & I, and my brother & Liz...it was awesome).

K & I giving Chuck E a high five!

 Family is very important...and well....I'm soo glad I have a good one!!  Jamy....I'm soo glad you met Liz...a normal down to earth women who has great values, brings out the best in you (well most of the time...she also knows how to push your buttons...but in a cute way), knows how to have fun....and is one great Mama.  I'm also glad that ya'll created the most beautiful niece!!  All I can say is my favorite Kyra quote..."happy happy happy!!"

I only lend my bra to those I love!

Brynnleigh laughing at her cousin

I'm counting down the days until April when I get to see all three of you again!!

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