Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sister Casie's Wedding

He did it...for 10 seconds!
Tanner, Joelle, & Owen

Owen was asked to be a ring bearer in Sister Casie & Billy's wedding 2/5/11.  Troy and I were super excited, honored....and well terrified.  Would Owen do it...would he behave, or would he cause a scene.  Sister Casie assured us that all would be fine, and she didn't care if anything crazy happened....little did she know...or...well maybe she did know and that's why she asked Owen!

Family Photo Op
We were hopeful that Owen would cooperate a little better since his good friend Tanner & his sister Joelle would also be in the wedding.  Owen also met & fell in love with the other flower girl, Anna.  So with 3 other kids...he should be okay to walk down the aisle and stand quietly for 5-10 minutes right??
Sure....wait a minute...I'm supposed to be serious right?
Lets just say that Owen looked good...and well that was about as much Good as we got!
O & Tanner at the Rehearsal
The rehearsal well...lets just say it opened our eyes a bit on just how Saturday could play out.  Owen wasn't too sure of what he wanted to do...other than running around and chasing Tanner.  O stood up front while Casie & Billy practiced...but Owen was trying to hold Tanners hand, lifting up his shirt...talking...and well anything else an almost 4 year old would do.  Maybe he would get it all out of his system tonight and be good tomorrow...we could only hope.

So on wedding day...we loaded O & his suit up and headed to the hotel.  We get him dressed (after dropping his pants outside in the rain for about 5 minutes...thank goodness the hotel staff dried them for us)
Walking out w/Tanner
and try to keep him and the other kids occupied w/out messing up their suits or running over the guests.  So as I sit nervously in my chair (out of the way so O won't see us)..I can see him walking...w/Tanner, with the ring bearer pillow over his face...he gets halfway down and stops....starts backing up and saying "I don't want to do this anymore...where is my Daddy?"  Luckily it was somewhat quiet...but he continues to back up..."where is my daddy....MOMMY...where are you & Daddy?  I don't want to do this anymore"  At this point...I'm hitting Troy....GO GET HIM...Casie is about to walk out....Troy get him...Troy's response...let him be...he'll do it eventually.  WELL.....approximately 2 seconds later....Casie is trying to walk out w/her dad...as O is walking backwards...still saying..."mommy, daddy....where are you....and asking guests..do you know where my mommy & daddy are?"  So, O & Casie meet in the aisle...O walks ALL OVER HER DRESS up against the wall....and luckily she keeps walking...at that point...Troy decided to get him.  I'm sure Owen totally ruined Casie's video of her walking out w/her Dad (Casie...I'm sooo soo sorry).

Walking Out w/Joelle
So...O hung out w/us for a bit...walked back up front w/Tanner (who was AWESOME), Tanner came back, O came back...and vice versa for awhile.  FINALLY as Casie & Billy were either kissing or being announce, we talked O into standing up there...and he did walk out w/the flower girls.

O took a few formal pictures...but he of course had to stand beside Casie (sorry you had competition on your wedding night Billy).

O & Anna dancing
Is it bad that he's more on beat than me?
Once the reception started and O could dance...he was a party fool.  We had to DRAG him off the dance floor at 11 because Mommy was tired!!  Brynnleigh had a playdate w/Missy & Papa so we could allow this night to be all about Owen!!

Mommy & Owen

Daddy & Owen

Throwing it down on the dance floor

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