Monday, March 21, 2011

Brynnleigh's 1st Valentine's Day

So at a little over 4 months, Brynnleigh celebrated her 1st Valentine's day.  Unfortunately Mommy & Daddy had to work on Valentine's day and then Mommy had a these pics were taking on 2/13 at baby Drew's baby shower.  B had a fun Valentine's day....she got to go visit Missy & Papa and take and pick up Owen from school...then she & O got to have a fun hang out night with Daddy.

So yes...I did not see my kids at all on Valentine's day....and yes, I'm still upset about it.  I left home at 7:15 am, and got home at 10pm that night.

Luckily we don't do too too much for Valentine's day...but I still would have liked to have spent it with my three favorite Valentines!

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Tracy said...

Nice! :) I'm hoping we can get one soon, too.