Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"A Lot A Action Show"

Thomas, Troublesome Car, & Percy

On the way...he had no idea!
A Lot of Action show...well that's what O called it!  We surprised him w/tickets to the Thomas Live Action Show at the Siegal center.  We did not tell him where we were going or what he was going to see...we just told him that it was a surprise.  He had NO idea...even when we walked past all the hundreds of little boys in their Thomas get up!  O did not move during the show, intermission, and end of the show...he sat in his seat still for 1.5 hours!  He did not ask for a balloon, cotton candy, a toy light...nothing...he was happy just sitting there that close to Thomas!  Since O didn't want to eat during the show..we took him to Subway afterwards.  On the way home, while he was eating the rest of his sandwich (it was getting too late...we couldn't wait for him to finish) he had to call his Missy, Papa, MeeMaw & PawPaw to tell them all about the Lot of Action Show!  He's already asked when we can go again!!
A big thank you to Missy & Papa for watching B during our date w/Owen!  Don't worry'll get your date night once your old enough for Disney's Princess' on Ice!

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