Thursday, March 17, 2011

Owen's 4th Birthday Party!!

I can't believe that my baby boy is going to be 4!!!  It's just crazy how quickly they grow up!  It seems like just yesterday when Owen was only a few months old...and now he's 4!

We decided to do O's birthday party the weekend before his birthday....since the Daytona 500 was on his birthday...and PawPaw would be at the we did his party on Friday 2/11/11.  I felt that it was more important that our family was there than having it on his actual birthday weekend.  Of course Owen told everyone that he was already 4 after his party...since he blew out the 4 candle!

Blowing out the 4 candle

O's party was at Pump It Up again this year.  It is sooo much fun and everyone can enjoy it, the kids and the I don't have to clean before or afterwards!  It is a tad expensive so next year I think we will have his party at home...but who knows what will happen a year from now.  I'm pretty sure the money that I spent for his party at Pump it Up, would be just as much if not less than what I would spend to have it out the house, once you add up all the food and games I would need to provide...and the added stress!

B passed out
Owen has so much fun playing and jumping with his friends....Brynnleigh had fun visiting with friends and family, and she had to take a little nap in the middle of the party!!

O, Cousin P, & Aunt T

O, R, & L having fun
Once again O wanted a train theme (that would be 3out of 4 birthdays have been train themed)...I tried to talk him into Robots, Toy Story, Lightening McQueen, race cars...pretty much ANYTHING, but he told me that he wasn't done w/train birthday's yet.  I did talk him into a different cake...this year we went with a train yard theme. I had the cake made by Cakes By looked great, and tasted better!!  O was soo excited with his cake (I did have to promise him that I would immediately take the trains off and put in my purse before we cut the cake).

Here is the progression of his train cakes over the past three birthdays:

O's 2nd Birthday

O's 3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

We invited O's family, friends, and neighbors and had a lot of fun!!  O is lucky to have such great friends and family!!  Owen has also become great at opening presents!!  He was happy with everything he got (honestly, the only thing he told me he wanted was a birthday cake). 

His favorite gift of the night, was his present from his good friends Ramsey & Emerson...he carried around his Mater set the rest of the night and asked if he could take it to bed!!

O & B
O wanted to tell all his family and friends - THANK YOU for making my 4th birthday so special!! 

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