Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swagbucks Update

Search & Win

So...it's time for the weekly Swagbucks update.  I'm trying my best to get more than 170 swagbucks a week so I can get my gps watch.

Here is the break down:

Last week 3/22/11:

1515 Swagbucks

$10.00 redeemed in Amazon gift cards
$240.00 left to earn
20085 Swagbucks needed for GPS watch (if redeeming $5.00 gift cards)

This week 3/29/11

1296 Swagbucks (redeemed 450 for $5 gift card)

$15.00 Redeemed in Amazon gift cards
$235.00 left to earn
19854 Swagbucks needed (if redeeming $5 gift cards)

So this week I earned 231 swagbucks...which is 61 more than last week.  At this rate it will take me 86 weeks, a little over a year and a half.  Slowly but surely, I'm decreasing the amount of time...hopefully I can stick to this.

Search & Win

So I got a new referral this week also so...here's a tip for earning more swagbucks other than just searching...

If you print coupons...print them from Swagbucks, if you use them, you will be rewarded w/swagbucks.  It does take a few days/weeks for the swagbucks to be added, but they will be.  You do have to use the coupon to receive the swagbucks.  These coupons are regular ones that you would use at the grocery store.

To find...on main Swagbucks page..click earn...then coupons...scroll through and print the ones you think you will use!!

Happy Swagbucking!!  Hoping to accumulate more than 231 swagbucks this week!  Click the link...and your swagbuck searches can help me to my goal!!

Search & Win

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