Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Owen's new swingset!!

My parents made the mistake of promising Owen a new swingset when they got more grandkids (this was after my brother had Kyra...or I would have tried!)...little did they know at that time, I was already pregnant with Brynnleigh.  So...being the great kids that we are...we made sure to remind my parents that the promised O a new swingset.

Dad found one that he liked...and fit what Troy and I wanted...and more importantly, fit in the area of the old swingset.  Dad had it delivered right before O's birthday...and boy was he excited.

It took all O had for him to sit and watch the guys put the swingset together...or course I told him that he had sit in the supervisor chair, and if he got up, the guys had to stop working!

So that Wednesday, O waited patiently while the guys put it together, so he go to try everything out...and Papa tried a few things out too!!


thqueenbe said...

These are too cute. I especially love the look O has while he had to sit in the supervisor's chair :)

The Lacks' said...

I'm just glad he bought the "supervisor chair" worked like a charm...he didn't move! You & Mr. Miguel can come over and play anytime you would like!