Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Owen! baby is 4 (well 4 and 1 month now...but I promise I'm catching up)...I can't believe it.  It seems like just yesterday he was Brynnleigh's age and I was just learning everything.  It has been a fast 4 years...but an awesome 4 years as well.  I couldn't imagine these past 4 years without you. light up my life...I LOVE to just sit and watch you and listen to the things you come up.  You are so smart...sometimes too smart and know just how to get what you want.  You are a ladies man....but you are a true guys guy as well.  You still love your trains...but you also enjoy drawing/coloring, dancing, and sports.  Your favorite movies are Free Willy (1 & 2), Mighty Ducks, and Karate Kid (my little 80's baby!).  You like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mousercise, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Your favorite sports are soccer and baseball...but you enjoy watching football on tv.  You are always soo happy because your team is always playing....your team is the white team!!

Your random sayings...Chucky Arms (Lucky Charms), Chocolater (Calculator), Limit speed (Speed Limit), Boo (Boo...for anything and everything), Baby Guuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllll (Brynnleigh)...

You are generarlly happy ALL the time and you love your little sister.

Since we celebrated your birthday with your friends a week early, we made sure to make your actual birthday a big deal as well.  We started the morning off with one of your favorite foods...Pancakes.  After church, Mommy tried her best to talk you into Red Lobster....but you didn't want wanted to eat at home.  For dinner that night...we invited Missy, Papa, Nana, MeeMaw, PawPaw (who was in Daytona), Uncle Todd, & Ma over for dinner.  You picked....we had dinosaur nuggets, mac & cheese, cold carrots, and green beans.  We followed it with cupcakes...which you made.  You wanted yours to have raisins and a cherry....which it did.

O, B, Nana, Ma, MeeMaw, & Uncle Todd

I don't want you to grow up, but I love watching you grow up and experiencing things for the first time

Also...O...I think I'm ready to say that you will be some type of engineer/designer...we can give you 100 different pieces of railroad track that only fit one way...and you will take your time and patience and will figure it out so you can use every piece of track...and it all connects.

I can honestly say that I live my life through your eyes and your experiences.  I would give up everything I have/will have, just to see your reaction to the simplist thing.  You are so innocent and genuine!!

Your 4 year stats:
Weight - 38.5 lbs (w/clothes) - 60%
Height - 40.5" - 50%
And head circumference....but I can tell's still in the 90-100%... : )

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