Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Exersaucer

We finally put Brynnleigh in Owen's old exersaucer to see what she thought (3/7/11).  O was right at 4 months when we introduced the 5 months old.  We just didn't think about it until now.

Well...she LOVES it!

I think she likes being independant....and well, she loves to stand up.  I seriously think she's going to skip rolling over and go straight to sitting and standing up.

She likes making it go off and make noise...and when her brother plays with her.  O will run his hand along the rattle and she will just so funny.  I like the fact that her and Owen can interact with each other in a safe manor.  I don't have to worry about Owen stepping on her!

Brynnleigh plays in her exersaucer at least once a day!!  Baby are growing up too too O!

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