Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 5 Months Brynnleigh!

Really...5 months already??  I can't believe seems like just yesterday I was pregnant....and now you've been here for 5 months.  Life goes by so won't be long before you are walking around!

So the past month...some things have changed...

You still get 5-5oz bottles a day and 1 feeding of rice cereal
You have take medicine for your reflux (O had this too)...but now you don't sleep as well as you did.  Troy and I get up with you every couple of hours.  We are not sure if you have teeth coming in or if you are making up for all the times you shouldn't have slept when you were a baby.

You LOVE to smile/laugh and O can still make you smile and laugh.

We had to take you to the doctor about a week after your 5 month birthday and you were weighing 15Lbs 11oz.

Clothes 3-6 (FINALLY....but you won't be in these long...I can tell)
Diapers - size 2

You still are not rolling over but are soo soo close.  You love to sit up and stand w/help, so I think you might just be skipping the rolling over stage!

We love you B!!  Can't believe that this next Happy post will be your 6 month...1/2 a year....crazy!

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