Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nursery Photos

Finally....the nursery is DONE!!! I still need to organize the armoire...but it's behind closed I can deal!! : ) I need to get O a new hamper and move his into Brynnleigh's room. I wanted a green one for her....and well O's doesn't match is new I might as well buy him one and let her use his. Of course I can't find anything that I like for him....they either don't have tops, or are too adult or baby looking. Why can't they just make the same hamper in primary colors?? I'd be happy!!! Then again, I haven't really looked that hard. We'll make it work somehow! you go....

Ignore the gift bags in the corner by the armoire....I need to move those to the other room. I LOVE our Brynnleigh decal...special thanks to Homesweetwalls on Etsy for making this for's perfect!!!

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