Wednesday, November 24, 2010


While I was home on maternity leave we were able to take advantage of playdates for both O & B! Owen had a playdate with his friend Holden, and a Halloween party playdate with Ramsey & Emerson. Brynnleigh had her first playdate with Chloe who is exactly (well as exact as you can be minus 1 day) 1 month older than her and then had a playdate with Camryn & Kaitlyn who are about 2 weeks younger. Both of my kids are blessed to have so many good friends close in age.

I'm going to miss playdates when I go back to work. I love to see how my kids interact with others, and chit chat w/the mommies and compare notes. Luckily my Mom volunteers to take the kids to the playdates, so at least they won't miss out.

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