Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brynnleigh smiles!!

Baby B can smile!! Yippeee.! It's the best thing in the world when your child smiles at you. It melts my heart, and well they can pretty much get whatever they want!! Brynnleigh has been smiling for a bit, but mostly in her sleep, and well, it probably was just gas.

Just the other day she let one out...wide awake. So what does psycho mommy do?? She picks her up...and grabs the camera. Nothing like shoving a camera close up in your face to get you to smile right?? This pics aren't the best angle for Little Miss...but you do what you gotta do to get that big gummy grin!! Hopefully they won't do an eye test on her anytime soon, since I'm pretty sure I blinded her for bit w/all the flashes. At least if she decides to become famous she'll be used to the paparazi!!

So on 11/11/10 we caught baby girl's smile on camera. Can't wait for many more Brynn!! : )

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