Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know this is a tad late (but not as late as B's 1 mth post)...but we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  We had a relaxing day with family.  Normally we go to King William to enjoy Thanksgiving lunch w/my family and then head back home to do Thanksgiving dinner w/Troy's family.  This year we just had lunch in KW...Troy's family had all had a stomach bug and we didn't want to expose the kids...totally upset about not spending the holiday w/them....and the good food!! : )  It was nice not to be rushed to run from one place to the next, and not too too overstuffed either.
My aunt and uncle had raked up some leaves for the kids to jump in....O was soo excited he wouldn't even let me change him into his old clothes!!  I'm pretty sure that he could be turned into a country boy.  He loves to be outside, and would have played in the leaves for three weeks straight if allowed.

This was Brynnleigh's first Thanksgiving....she enjoyed it with a bottle & a few naps (hey...some people really do that right?). 

Both kids enjoyed seeing their King William family and can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas.  We are very lucky to have 99% of our family within an hour away!!

Thanksgiving was followed by Black Friday shopping (yes...I was the idiot w/a 7 wk old who got up at 3am to go shopping....of course B slept until 7:30 that morning) and a trip to Granny's.  After I got home from shopping (yes I went by myself...I wouldn't drag my kids) we loaded them up and headed to South Boston for a nice relaxing afternoon.  It was great!! 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

Owen & His Cousins

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