Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twin Cousins??

So...we were lucky to get some hand me downs from my brother's little girl.  We thought it would be cute, to take a picture of Brynnleigh in Kyra's outfit especially since we had a picture of Kyra in it.  Well, when we dressed B, we thought she looked a tad like Kyra....and then when we took the picture, with the picture....they are almost identical.  Now keep in mind that Kyra is a month older than B in the picture...but they are soo soo similiar.  Kyra is now 15 months old and a super cutie pie...so I hope that B continues in her footsteps!!

Now we need to figure out where all these blue eyes are coming from...but I'm not complaining, I love them.  All three kids have the same eyes...they must be my brothers!

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