Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jogging Stroller...updated...again

So...before Brynnleigh arrived, I went back and forth on the need for a double jogger....did I really need one...if so...did I really need a top of the line super expensive one? Well, I had talked myself out of it....I mean...was I really really going to be that into running that I would need to bring the kids along....and do we really take that many trips that I would need a double stroller?? They could take turns riding...right??

Well after Troy was all excited that I had talked myself out of it....I talked myself back into it. It helped a bit that it was on sale...and well O kept telling me he wanted one (so then we totally needed it right?). I had tried to take the kids on a walk while on maternity leave, but it was a pain. O wanted to push the stroller, which he can't see over the handlebars...so I was a tad leary. I mean...can't you see the news stories now...Breaking news...idiot mother let's 3 year old boy push stroller w/3 wk old baby.....story at 11?

Soooo.....I expressed my need/want for this fancy dancy stroller...but said I didn't absolutely have to have it....and magically, about 2-3 wks later, it appeared on our front porch...two days before the marathon! Of course B is too young for us to use it for running...and really even for walking....but we let her test it out one afternoon in the driveway. O helped put it together, and took the first ride around the house. This stroller is by far the EASIEST stroller I've ever pushed....and it's a double!! It fits through every doorway downstairs (yes....O & I tested)...I can't wait to take it out and about. Seriously though...for being a double stroller...I can push, turn, rotate w/one hand...it even folds up easily and I can lift it by myself...and it fits in the trunk. I can't wait to take the kids on a run.....but we'll have to wait till it warms up a bit and B gets better head control.

And yes...I know who magically delivered it to my doorstep....and I'm very very thankful. I really really appreciate it...and honestly, you really didn't have to do so much...esp. right before Christmas!!

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