Tuesday, July 20, 2010

28 wks 2 days

I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is progressing. I'm in my third trimester already!! Less than 12 weeks to go before Miss Boomshakalaka gets here...and nothing is ready!! We bought Owen some "bigger boy" furniture which will be delivered on Friday. Neither of us can wait. We will move Owen's furniture into Boomshakalaka's room tomorrow and will work on getting her room ready this weekend. Once the furniture is in place, I can decide what we still need for decorations and curtains. I have a funny feeling that Little Miss will come early, so I want to be prepared. If she were to come today...we have enough to get by w/clothes and diapers (well maybe not, we would need some premie clothes) poor thing just wouldn't have any bottles, somewhere to sleep, or a carseat to come home in!!

I guess this weekend while I'm working on her room, I'll be bringing down the carseat to clean up and will try and locate O's old bottles. I'll need to get her new nipples & liners, but that's just a quick trip to the store and we can arrange that no problem...even if she comes early.

O is super super excited about his new "bigger boy" furniture, hopefully I can talk him out of sleeping on the top bunk until he's 18!! Here's a picture of his new bed... -------->

We got a chest of drawers to go w/it but passed on the dresser. Once it's all set up, we may go back and get the dresser, who knows.

The bed we had originally picked had a full bed on the bottom, so of course, I picked up his comforter on super sale, for a full sized bed. When we went to buy his bed....it was discontinued and no where to be found in Virginia (yes I called EVERY store). So now I will be returning the comforter...which I hopefully have the receipt for. I may exchange it for two twins, or may just start back at square one!

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