Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Core Value Student

Owen was selected as the Core Value Student for the Month of April (we don't find out until May). Only one person per class is selected - there are 24 kids in his class! 

They must have known I was a blogger - since they placed his picture right by the sign!

The Chesterfield County Core Values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Accountability are important at Winterpock.  
Each month our teachers select a student from their classroom that best follows these values in their behavior at school.  Students selected are honored each month at a Core Values Breakfast sponsored by our PTA.  At the breakfast, each student is recognized with a certificate and a reading by the principal which states why the student was selected for this honor.  We have a bulletin board in the front hall which contains the pictures of our Core Value Students for the current month and why they were selected. 
We are proud of all of our Winterpock students who have earned this honor.
Owen was sooo excited for his awards ceremony which was May 17th.  The night before he picked out his outfit - saying he wanted to look Pimp!  This is what he picked out....

He was determined to wear this outfit just the way it was.  Luckily after a great night's sleep, we were able to compromise and switch to khaki shorts.  We did keep the too small tie and the flame belt!  Hey, he may only get this award once, might as well let him live it up.

The next morning he could not hold back his excitement...we all loaded up and headed to school at 7:45 am!!  His Missy, Papa, and PawPaw met him there.  (MeeMaw had to get Todd ready for group, or she would have been there too, she hates having to miss this events).

It was a pretty simple process - they announced each award winner by class, and then read what the teacher wrote about that student.  The student received an award, and a printed copy of what their teacher wrote.

Owen was the third kid called up, he didn't even wait for them to say his whole name before he ran up front (FYI - he didn't have to run far, he wanted to sit at the front table!).

After he received his award we waited (and attempted to hold his sister back from running on the stage) for the rest of the recipients to receive their awards.  Afterwards they had a quick breakfast for the kids to eat before class started (donuts, pound cake, fruit, and bagels).

I can't believe how grown up my little man looks in all these pictures!!


I don't think this is part of the Core Values, but O is one heck of a good photo bomber!!  I hate that this is so blurry, but he waited until the very last minute!!

As soon as the bell rang for the kids to walk to class O was ready to go...he started seeing his car rider friends walk in and he was ready to socialize.  We had to literally hold him back to get a picture of him, his certificate, and his grandparents.


Then of course B wanted a picture too...

These last three pictures were taken extremely fast (can you tell?) - O was ready to GO and of course B wanted to do everything that O did!

Owen, we are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished in your first year of "big kid school".  We can only hope that it continues in the future.  You are leaving your sister with some big shoes to fill when she starts school!!



Melissa Tiffany said...

Congratulations to Owen!! I love the outfit he picked out! He looked so cute!!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Congratulations to Owen! You must have all been so proud of him. Thanks for hosting.

Amy Lacks said...

Thank you everyone. We were very proud....and it was great to see just how excited he was to receive this award.

TaMara Sloan said...

Congrats to Owen! I think it's wonderful that he was that excited.

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