Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Winner

So, this is what I won at my work Christmas party..... ipad - I am so excited.  This is what I was asking for for Christmas (and yes, I told Troy he could wrap it and give it to me then, but he said I could have it now!) and totally did not expect to get it, since I didn't really "need" it.

Of course, I won this on Friday, and have yet to open it, because I know once I do, I'll play with it for hours, and I have 5,8408478403574 to do first!  I'm thinking I will open it up tomorrow night or Friday, hopefully.

It's kinda funny that we won the "Grand Prize" since I've worked her for 14 year (15 in January) and have NEVER won at our Christmas party....we started keeping a tally and it took 8 years of not winning, before I won.  I was even strategic in my raffle tickets, I would make sure to enter the ones that only had a few tickets, and still, nothing!

Oh well, it was worth the 9 year wait!

Please link up below - and go enter to win a Thunderstruck Blu-Ray package - giveaway ends tonight!

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Grandma Betty said...

It is always fun to win something! Congrads! Have a very Merry Christmas!