Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Oh Christmas Tree

Owen couldn't wait to put up the Christmas trees (yes, that is plural, we have 4, but 3 of them are smaller)...he kept asking each you think we could just start tonight?  He was finally able to convince us to start the Tuesday right before Thanksgiving.  He was so cute...we kept telling him that we had to wait until Thanksgiving and he very seriously replied " Why did they have to put Thanksgiving so close to Christmas?  It's really messing up my decorating!"

He was very into his tree decorating...he put up and decorated his own tree all by himself and was so proud!

The next morning, he woke up and decorated our main tree downstairs.  Brynnleigh pretended to help. 

At one point I noticed that he had two very similar ornaments side by side on the tree.  I moved on a bit so they wouldn't be so close and the following conversation took place:

Owen - "Mom, are you moving my oinaments?"
Me - "Yes, honey, they were a bit too close to each other"
Owen - "So, what's wrong with that?"
Me - "Well I was afraid they would get made at each other because they were kinda in the same space, I didn't want them to get jealous"
Owen - "Oh, it's okay Mama, they are best friends, they have the same mouth."

So needless to say, they are back to being beside each other!

Later that weekend I tried my hand at making Brynnleigh a tutu, or "pwincess skirt" as she calls it.  I used too much white, but she loved it, and that's all that matters.  (now I need to go find her a shirt to wear with it...somehow all of our Christmas shirts are pink!)

We have always had an artificial tree, but I would love to start getting a real one.  Come over to the FB page and discuss the pros and cons of real vs. artificial!

We hope everyone else is having fun decorating their house for the holidays!

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Kelly R. said...

Looks like they were having lots of fun decorating!! Great pics.