Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Face Paint

For years I've tried to get O to have his face painted....and for years (because at 6, it really has been for years) he has said no....until the other his end of season Upward Carnival.

At the end, as everyone was packing up, O decided he wanted to "watch" the face painters....which then led to him wanting it.  The problem...yeah, remember that packing up part?  I was so afraid that they were going to finish the girl they were working on (the girl who was 1 kid in front of him) and pack up.  The carnival was finished, they were cleaning the floor, and every other vendor was walking out.

The guy looked at me and said..."of course I can do it....can we do a this (some shape I had no clue) and can we do green?  (of course it was the color already in the machine).  At this point, O was already on the seat, grinning ear to ear with his eyes closed ready for the paint.  He didn't care what it looked like, or what color it was!

The guy was wonderful, patient and made O's night.  He had to get me to take a picture so he could show all his grandparents!

Of course this was 8pm, and within an hour of getting our super cool face paint we had to wash it off but it was worth every second of seeing that smile, and him asking me "does it still look okay?" every 5 seconds!

I'm sure now, we will have to go to all the places you have to pay to get your face painted....and I'll love every second of that too.

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