Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SnapMe Swimwear Review - Summer Splash Sponsor

To say I love this bathing suit is an understatement....this is a must have suit for any Momma who has a little girl!! 

SnapMe Swimwear  offers super cute bathing suits for little girls that allow the dreaded diaper change or potty break to be a breeze!  They have snaps in the crotch so you do not have to remove the ENTIRE wet and/or sandy suit, just to use the restroom or change a diaper.

See what I mean when I say super cute?  ; )  You cannot even tell there are snaps down there.  I cannot wait to be the envy of everyone at the beach with this suit!!

It fits true to size - I ordered Brynnleigh the 3T since she is soo tall.  It has a bit of room to grow, which is perfect since our beach trip is in late August.  I typically have to buy her 2 sets of suits every summer - this year I won't!  I am just going to alter the straps a bit and it will be PERFECT!

To make this bathing suit even better - Brynnleigh did not want to take it off when we were done with our review - so I just threw her dress overtop!  That in itself is an accomplishment - at 2, this child is PICKY and getting dressed is a nightmare, she knows what she wants to wear, and how she wants to wear it!

We picked the Navy Polka Dot suit since I'm a sucker for navy and polka dots, but there are a TON of choices to pick from.  They even off the rashguard suits as well! 

The suits themselves even have UV protection built in!! Here are the facts for the Navy Polka Dot suit that we have...

Features:• UVP 50+
• 2 rows of snaps for adjusting
• fully lined throughout suit

I am always concerned that my kids suits will shift or stretch during the day to open up fresh skin that has not been protected, or worried that the sun can get through their suit!

To find out more about SnapMe Swimwear you can visit their Website, Facebook Page, or Twitter.

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And now, more photos of my little princess in her awesome new suit!! 




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Fantastic idea, and so cute too!