Monday, May 13, 2013

SnapMe Swimwear Sponsor Spotlight (Summer Splash Blog Hop)

When I discovered SnapMe Swimwear I about died.  How many of us struggle to change the diaper of a wet and possibly sandy baby?  It's a pain!  I had gotten to the point that I would take an extra suit every time we went to the pool or beach so once I had to change her, I could just put on a nice dry suit that was easy to maneuver.  I also hated to completely have to undress her just to change her diaper, and to say I wasn't a fan of 2 pieces for little ones would be an understatement.

So, how does SnapMe Swimwear make this oh so annoying process easier?  It's the simplest of concepts, but it saves your sanity in more ways then one!  SnapMe Swimsuits have snaps in the crotch of their suits so you do not have to remove the suit for a simple diaper change, or potty break.  There is even an extra row of snaps so you can get a little more wear out of your suit!

These suits are adorable as is, and then the added convenience they provide is like a bonus.  I could not pick just one of these suits!

They even offer rash guard suits for the ultimate protection and convenience.

I was ecstatic when SnapMe Swimwear agreed to Sponsor The BOAT in the Summer Splash Giveaway Blog Hop.  Renee has been a dream to work with!

So lets find out a bit more about Renee and SnapMe Swimwear....

1) So tell us a little bit about your self: Mother of a 3 and 6 yr old girl. Studied photography in Philadelphia where I earned my BFA. Gave up work to become a full time mom.

2) Can you tell us more about SnapMe Swimwear and how it got started?
Hi, I’m Renee. Let me tell you about a typical Saturday during the summer with my family. We have a 2 daughters that love the beach, so we go as often as possible. We all get up in the morning, make breakfast, and then pack a ton of things that we need to bring. Before we know it, an hour has gone by. We get in the car and realize we forgot something. Another 5 minutes and we are finally on our way! It only takes us 10 minutes to get to the beach, and go figure, there is NO PLACE TO PARK!
Now it’s time to unload the car and drag all of my daughter’s toys, her bag, the umbrella, chairs, cooler, etc. onto the beach. We set up our little area and finally it’s time to sit down and relax. As fate would have it….SHE HAS A DIRTY DIAPER!!!
While I am trying to get her suit off she squirms and sand sticks to her. The suit is wet and I struggle trying to get it back on.
After too many experiences like this, I thought there has to be a better way! You know what they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. So I invented SnapMe!
Not only is SnapMe Swimwear good for diaper changing, but when your daughter shows signs that she wants to be a big girl and start to potty train you can easily pull off the snaps in no time!
Also, I am sure moms agree with me there is nothing more disgusting than a public restroom at the beach…ugh! You can use the SnapMe Suits for your older girl (sizes up to 4T) so she doesn’t have to drop her bathing suit on that nasty floor ever again!
If you can relate to a day like this, you need this bathing suit!
SnapMe Swimwear. Finally, bathing suit changing that’s a SNAP!

3) What is your favorite item and why? Hibiscus Stamp. I just love the style with the skirt. It's is very fashionable and functional.


4) How can I order? Visit and place your order there. Take advantage of the $2.99 shipping! We use paypal for secure payment so make sure you have an account.

Stay tuned to The BOAT for Brynnleigh's review of the suit and a giveaway!  The giveaway event starts tonight at Midnight!!!

Here's a sneak peak at B's photo shoot rocking out her SnapMe Swimsuit in Navy Polka Dot!

You can also follow SnapMe Swimwear on Facebook and Twitter!


Dee Mauser said...

Those are TOO cute. I love the last pic! :D

Anonymous said...
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Irish Italian Blessings said...

Oh my word! These are adorable!!

Melissa Alexander said...

Super cute! I can't wait to enter!

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

Love these, and best idea ever. I almost wish I still had my daughter in diapers lol.

jheylo said...

Oh my! these are just so adorable. i love all the collection

miranda carter said...

I would pick the strawberry hearts! Love that you can change them! We just got back from the beach and what a hassle :)!!

Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh they have some cute swimwear. I love the first one, I will have to share with my sister-in-law so she can buy one for her daughter!