Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Meg's Miles #megsmiles

I've had my struggles, issues, and mountains to climb as I'm sure we all have but a tragic event took place maybe 10 miles from my work that has made me think and realize that my struggles are nothing but petty.

Meg Cross Menzies was tragically killed Monday morning during her morning run with her husband.  When she sent her three precious kids off to school that morning no one knew it would be her final goodbye, her final kiss, her final hug.

Her husband who works for our local police force attempted to save her until medics arrived but God had other plans.  I'm not sure why he works the way he does, but he felt that it was her time.

She was hit by a doctor at 8:15 AM Monday morning, who had a blood alcohol level of .11.

This Saturday what started as local event has now gone worldwide and all runners and non runners are dedicating their run to Meg's Miles.  I haven't run in a month, but I will be out there Saturday running for Meg and running for all other runner's who's lives were tragically ended too soon.

Please join the Facebook Event Meg's Miles if you would like to donate your Saturday run.  There is more information on this site should you like to also make donations or find out more about the tragedy and the families needs.  Please use the hashtag "megsmiles if you post on social media.

Please please please use caution when running, biking, walking on roads and please as a driver keep your head up and DO NOT get behind the wheel if you have had anything that would impair your judgement.

Always tell your loved ones you love them, and kiss and hug them as much as possible, you never know when it's your last!


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh wow, that is horrible. Imagine?

Tara Gauthier said...

That is just so horrible. So sad and we just never know what will happen.

Teresa Kindred said...

Got chills while reading this! Bless that family and those who run in her honor. Prayers for all…
Teresa from NanaHood.com