Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jogging Stroller Update

Okay....after a rough few days at work...Troy offered to take me to the "stroller palace" so I could play w/the double strollers to help make my decision. Had he known what my decision would be, he probably would have taken me months ago!!

Well I played w/the models like the one I had fallen in love with...and while playing, I still loved it (Troy started getting nervous at this point). Then I nicely reiterated to the sales lady "and I can jog w/this stroller right?" And...well...her response floored me...."Oh no, that's not a jogging stroller, is that what you want?"

Let's think about this....the stroller is made by a company called Baby Jogger....why the hell wouldn't you be able to jog w/it?? I think it's bad marketing on their part....I mean come on now!!

So then she proceeds to show me the best double jogging strollers....and explains that the only double jogging stroller made by "Baby Jogger" is just way too huge and not worth the money. I was ready to just turn around and leave...and well, let's just say Troy was enjoying every moment....knowing that he would not have to spend $400-$600 on a stroller!!

The stroller that she recommended...the Bob Revoluation Duallie...was extremely nice...and somewhat light (I mean come on.....it's a double jogging stroller....light isn't really going to happen)....but it is $600.00!!! That's a lot of money for something we'd just be using every now and then.

On top of all of that....our wonderful 3.5 year old Owen, wanted nothing to do w/the strollers. He just wanted to push them, not sit in them so I could see how well he'd fit. (Yes...Troy was loving this part too, since his argument against the double was....O's not going to want to sit in it). So in my mind...as I'm falling in love w/this $600 HUGE double jogging stroller that my child won't sit in, and my other child won't be able to use unless I put her in illegally or buy a new car seat I started realizing that it's just not necessary for us.

I took my blinders off and debated the situation the entire drive home....and well, I've talked myself out of it...for now. O will be in preschool 3 days a week when Miss Thang gets here so I don't see why I can't work my workout around his schedule. I may just have to give up some of my personal (well probably sleep) time and go out and run while Troy watches the kids, or drop them off w/our parents for a bit while we go out for a run.

I still love the Bob Revolution....and will stalk Craigslist & yardsales, just in case...but for now I'll make do w/what I have and keep my fingers crossed that O will pick up bike riding and will want to bike along as Mom attempts to jog!!

And for Troy.....yes, you were right...we don't need the double.....for now anyways!! ; )

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