Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Independent

Trying to pack for vacation w/a little one is not always the easiest task. We thought this year, would be a little easier since O is older. Well it was, as long as I knew where he was that is. Thursday night we all got salads from Ukrops/Martins and while we were running around trying to get everything downstairs so Troy could start packing the car, I put them in the refrigerator.

All of a suddon, I heard Owen holloring that he needed help. Of course Troy was outside, so I waddled downstairs (I knew it wasn't an emergency w/how he was yelling luckily) to find this...

O was stuck in the refrigerator trying to get his fruit salad!! Of course being the wonderful Mom that I am, I didn't help him right away....I ran and got the camera, took some pictures, and almost peed in my pants laughing.
Troy missed the whole thing by about 2 I'm glad I have the pictures to prove it!! : )

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