Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Purex 3n1 Laundry Sheets

So....does anyone know if these are any good??? I got some free this week at CVS (my cult store as Troy likes to call it) and am thinking about taking them to the beach for our laundry. I, however don't want to take them, and they suck, and then I have to go by super expensive laundry detergent. It would kinda defeat the whole purpose!!! I do have cheap Tide that I got at Rite Aid that I was going to take, but these sheets would just be so much easier to pack and bring home what's left. The sheets will do 20 lds, and the Tide 32....which I should not be doing THAT much laundry while we are there. I'm thinking at max...7-8 lds for towels, IF I wash them everyday (which will not happen....we'll have enough to go two days) and then probably 4-6lds regular clothes....if that. I'll probably only do 4 lds, plus the the sheets would just be sooo much easier.

I can always re-wash the clothes when we get home if the sheets aren't the best in the world....but I DON"T want to be wearing dirty clothes at the beach....especially at 33 wks pregnant!!

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