Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Bro Owen!

Owen is a great big brother to Miss Brynnleigh. I was a little worried at first that he would get jealous or resent his little sister. Boy was I wrong!! He has soo much love for his little sister!! Everytime she cries, he asks "what's wrong w/my baby sister?" He LOVES to hold her, give her the pacifier, and even feed her. He actually likes diaper changes too..maybe I can put him to work!! : )
Owen, Brynnleigh is lucky to have you for a big brother. I love to see your eyes light up everytime you see her!! I know that you will always protect her and keep her away from those mean boys!! I love that you always want her around, and when you wake up, you want her up as well. I'm sure you will have your moments as you both grow, but you will be the best of friends as well!!

I'm sure you will also take advantage of your 3.5 years age did my brother. I'm sure I will find you "teaching" her how to play poker w/her money, talking her into "wrestling" just so you can't get in trouble for beating her up, and locking your door while you play video games w/your friends just so she can't watch!! But all in all, I know that deep down, you will want your sister around, if for nothing else, so you can look at her cute friends!! : )Congrats on being a big brother baby are the best!!

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