Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 30th B-day Troy!!

So yesterday was the big 3-0 for Troy!! Poor thing had to go back to work on his birthday...totally poor planning on mine & Brynnleigh's part! O & I were supposed to make Daddy some special birthday cupcakes....but Mommy started feeling feverish and decided it was best not to be baking. We have plans to make them today...just waiting for Little Miss to wake up & eat!

So...Troy I'm sorry we celebrated your b-day a month early at the surprise party and that yesterday wasn't the best birthday in the world. Just know that you are the best husband and father out there and I brag about you every second I get. I may not be the best wife/mom in the world, but I sure do have the best of the best to make up for my flaws.

Thanks for always wiping my tears (even when I'm in crazy preggo hormone mode) and making me laugh. I look foward to seeing your next 30 years.....

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