Wednesday, June 1, 2011

B's first beach trip!

B's first feel of the ocean!

B under the pier
We decided to head to our favorite place, Myrtle Beach for Owen's spring break.  This was Brynnleigh's first beach trip, and well our timing was perfect.  She was a little older than 6 months old and Owen was 5 and 6 months old the first 2 beach trips. excited to finally be at the beach

Owen was soooo excited to go to the beach, he asked us EVERY DAY, how much longer until we could leave for the beach!

We left mid morning on Saturday (we were going to go to O's soccer started raining 30 minutes before it was due to start) and it took us 9 hours to get there!!  (should have taken only 5).  The kids did great, but traffic was horrible.  But thank God it was bad, because we randomly got off on Rt. 40 since 95 was so back up....we missed the massive tornados by about 10 minutes.

So on Sunday morning, we took O & B down to the beach so they could check it out.  They both LOVED it.  O walked up and down the beach and even got his feet was COLD!!!  B just took it all in, but she loved running her fingers in the sand, and I am so glad she didn't put it in her mouth.

Uncle Jamy & B
My brother, soon to be sister in law, and niece came down for 1/2 the week and it was so nice to see O, K, & B interact and play together.  I miss those little steps running around the house looking for "Owie".  I so wish my brother & his family lived closer....and am soo thankful that my brother found such a great women.  L....I love are the best/coolest sister in the world.  I'm so glad that my brother finally gave me the sister I always wanted...that Mom wouldn't let me have!! ; )

We had a pretty relaxing week, the boys played golf, the girls shopped, and we all played down at the beach!  We did not slam pack a bunch of things purposely, so we could just relax and enjoy the vacation.

Like always, the vacation ended too quickly and we all had to go home.  We are already counting down to our return back in August!

Kyra & Owen playing

And we end...with a TON of pictures!!


 B & Daddy

O pushing K

Yes...he beat me

A tad excited...and a lot silly!

Putt Putt #1

Our personal cabana boy

O...sideways! ; )

Cousin K playing

Yes, B, Uncle Jamy is crazy

Golf course #2

O & Papa & the broken boat Putt Putt

B's bling bling

Watch out boys...she's expensive!

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