Monday, June 20, 2011

O's 3rd Soccer Season

Can you 4, Owen has played 3 seasons of soccer?  Crazy, I know.  Shoot, Troy & I weren't able to start until we were 5, O will have 2 years on us.  This was the first season where it looked more like soccer than kickball.  Owen loved it, and told us on the way to his last game, that we needed to sign him up to play again!!

I'm not sure Owen will be as much of a soccer star as his mommy....(j/k Troy) & his daddy but I'm just glad that he's involved in sports.  We don't expect him to be a huge star, I just want him to have a release from stress, and something to take his interest and keep him out of trouble.  I see sports as chance to meet new people and build your character.  We've even been lucky to meet some great friends through Owen's sports just in the past year and a half.

So, his first game....he scored 4 goals....every game there after, he was upset if he did not score 4.  He scored in every game and more importantly, he LOVED going, and had fun.

If you can't find Owen in any of these pictures....he's the one in the bright green cleats!! 

I'm sorry there are not more pics from the season....they had a lot of rained out games and we missed 2 for sickness and trips.

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