Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter 2011
So we returned home from the beach 1 whole day before Easter Sunday!!  Luckily the Easter Bunny knew we were out of town and was well planned for our return home.

Our Easter was totally different than our normal Easter festivities.  With us going to the beach for the week, I was unable to get the kids to the mall o see the Easter Bunny.  I was hoping to get them by while at the beach, but the weather was so nice and we were "relaxing" I just didn't want to drag them to the mall.  At first I was okay with it...then when it was too late to take them (Easter Day), I started regretting it.  O has seen the Easter Bunny every year...and this was B's first Easter.  I feel like such a bad parent because we didn't do it.  I even thought about asking a good friend if I could borrow their Easter Bunny outfit and do my own picture...but never did.  Sorry B...but I'll make up for it...promise.

So Easter Sunday, both kids woke up around 8 am and we headed downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had come, and sure enough he had.  Owen was sooo excited that he had left his trademark eggs in our front yard.  Honestly, O was more excited about the eggs in the front yard, then the "basket" that was left.  Once he saw the basket, he was soo excited.  He went straight to playing with his puzzles and wanting to color & blow bubbles.  I am soo soo soo glad that the Easter Bunny did not leave O too much candy.  He did get a PB egg, M&Ms and some other chocolate & PB candy...but not much.  Brynnleigh got a few surprises too.  Some new jelly shoes, a bag (O got one too), puffs, book, and some teethers.  She was also happy w/just the basket!!

So after explaining to O why he couldn't eat chocolate at 8am, 8:30 am, 9am, and 9:30 am we got the kids dressed and headed out the door to church.  I had gotten them somewhat coordinating outfits, but O wanted to wear a different shirt and well, it was a dress shirt so why not let him pick and not have a fight.  It's just as much his holiday as it is ours.

We went back home for our Easter bunny easter egg hunt, relaxed for about an hour or two, then headed to Missy & Papas (my parents) for dinner.  Normally, our Easter day would have been a trip to King William to spend the afternoon w/my mom's family, and then a quick stop by Troy's parents house.  So we'd get both sets of family in and it would feel like every other holiday, spent w/family.  Well, since we had been at the beach together all week, Troy's parents decided to wait and have us over for a nice dinner during the week.  My mom's extended family, also decided to wait, since Mother's day was only 2 weeks away.  So honestly, it did not feel like a holiday...but we had a blast anyways.
Nana & Brynnleigh
My Nana came by my parents house, so she got to spend time with Owen & Brynnleigh and we did have fun.  Owen got to do another Easter egg hunt at Missy & Papa's and all & all it was a great day.
Owen, I hope you enjoyed your 4th Easter, and B, I hope you enjoyed your first.  I promise next Easter will be back to it's crazy self and filled with lots of family & extended family time!

 O helping B w/her basket

B's first egg hunt

The new way to pick up eggs

So innocent

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