Friday, May 11, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight - The Blankie Boutique

The Blankie Boutique has everything you can think of for your little Diva...or Diva in Training!  : )  They even have things for yourself...I mean come on...those Diva's learned from somewhere right?

They have these adorable flip flops (They sent B a pair...keep an eye out for our review to be posted soon!)

And don't worry...they have "Mommy" flops too!

They also carry headbands, hair clips, shirts,

and of course "blankies"  (and some so the boys don't feel left out!)

and much much more!

Lets find out more about Stacy and The Blankie Boutique...

1) So tell us a little bit about your self...
I'll be 25 in July and I just recently got married to my prince charming back in October. We live in a small town.. Dublin, PA with our puppy Roxie. I teach young children at a daycare during the week and run the store on weekends. I spend all my free time doing my 3 C's...Cleaning, Cooking, Crafting! (And I love every second of it!)

2) Can you tell us more about The Blankie Boutique and how it got started?
The Blankie Boutique started 2 years ago with just a little idea I had to make a no-sew fleece blanket. My husband (who was only a boyfriend at that time) helped me and we made this comfy blanket and I uploaded a picture of it to facebook. I started getting a lot of orders for them from friends and family so I decided to make a facebook page and call it the blankie boutique. My husband is an artist also so he hand-painted onesies and teeshirts to add to our product list and we did local craft shows in the area. Things just sort of picked up from there and I was always looking for new ways to improve and expand my business until it eventually got to where it is now. I wanted to give other crafters the opportunity to have a physical location outside of ebay, etsy, facebook, etc where shoppers could go and buy their products. That's when I got the idea to open a consignment shop for handmade things. I opened our actual storefront location this past December and I've already won an award! I'm so appreciative of all our loyal customers, fans, vendors, and supporters and am amazed at all the success we've had this far. I can only hope good things will continue to come our way!

3) What is your favorite item and why?
I have to say that with all the new products I've made and all the items from my vendors...The Blankies will ALWAYS be my favorite item because they are the core of what we are. That is where we started and I will always be thankful for that!

4) How can I order?
I have many options for ordering! My website has a new web store you can order through there but there's only about 20 items posted. That works like any other website store where you would pay with your credit card or paypal to have the item shipped. if there's an item you want that isn't posted in the store you can always click the "Contact Us" tab to send me a personal message with your order. I also always take orders over facebook I do special offers and giveaways there so make sure to like us to take advantage of that! You can also send me an email to I am a storefront but I always ship out items to customers who aren't local!

I'm happy I could be part of the Summer Splash Giveaway and for the chance to be part of this review!

You can also check out The Blankie Boutque's website!
Stay tuned for a giveaway from The Blankie Boutique during the Summer Splash Giveaway Blog Hop May 14-27th!


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Love the flip flops!

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I LOVE the Blankie Boutique! You should see her store, it's awesome!