Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you use coupons?

I'm curious to know how many of you use coupons and to what extent.  I started couponing after having Owen and I really got into it.  I was pretty good too (at least according to me).  I used most of my coupons at CVS and Rite Aid, but I was able to get all of our personal items for basically nothing.  We never paid full price for deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, feminine products. body wash, lotion, diapers, etc.

Then I had Brynnleigh....and it just kinda slowed down.  I could never find a good system to keep my coupons organized and it just consumed a lot of my time.  Now don't get me wrong, I plan to go back to it I'm just not sure when.

I LOVE the thrill of finding a product and paying next to nothing for it.  I used to walk out of CVS with BAGS of stuff, and they were paying me to walk out the door (seriously, they paid me $0.03 and $0.07 one time).

There are a ton of websites that do the coupon match ups for you, so it makes couponing so much easier.  You can even do it at the grocery store (I only did this once, took way too long).  You have to be quick to your game though because the Extreme Couponing Show on TLC has caused a lot of non-couponers to try, and those who do coupon to go more extreme.

What I have learned during my couponing run was...
   1. You don't have to clear the shelf - the same sale and coupons will run again withing 6-9 months
   2. For most sales, you only need 1-3 set of coupons, not 50
   3. If you don't buy it normally, you probably don't need it with a coupon (unless you can replace something you use daily with it)
   4. It won't kill you to miss a sale, or take a break especially when you already have 6 extra deodorants and 8 boxes of toothpaste
   5. If it's on sale in one state, it might not be on sale in your state, always double check
What brings all this on all of a sudden?  Well my recent trip to Walmart....O and I picked up these things....(4 boxes of 24 ct crayons, 2 packs (5 in each pack) of Zebra pens, a single subject notebook, and a 2 pack of erasers)

For a total of $1.85 after tax.  Of course it would have been cheaper if I didn't have O helping me (the erasers, which happened to be the most expensive thing after coupons cost $.50) but we had fun together and that's all that counts.

How did I do it?  Here's the breakdown...

Crayons - $0.50 at Walmart - had them price match Toys R Us who is running them for $0.25 this week.

Zebra pens - $2.94 at Walmart - had them price match to Staples price of $1.00 this week and used an online coupon for $2.00 off of 1 pack ( I could have used 2 coupons, or just bought one pack of pens, but then my total would have been negative and I have a thing for pens!) - So these ended up being 100% free!

Notebook - $0.17 on sale at Walmart

Erasers - $0.50 on sale at Walmart

I hope to get back into couponing soon, but have no plans of turning this blog into a couponing site (sorry, but I'll be glad to help anyone who wants help).  I will post my deals and fines if I can get them up quick enough so you can profit from them!


tarter95 said...

I use coupons as well. I think any money that one can save is a wise thing these days. I try to use them along with the sales, and especially like the ones that our local grocery store will double (up to $.50).

Tracy said...

I never have. It seems interesting, but we don't even have CVS or Rite Aid (just Walgreens, which always seems so complicated). The grocery coupons I see never seem to be much savings (if any) over the store brand stuff I normally buy.