Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mary Kay Cream Highlighter Giveaway

I've had a lot of growth recently in the blog, and what's a better way to celebrate than a giveaway??  I personally love giveaways!!

I know I have mentioned this before...but for my new readers...I am a Mary Kay Consultant part time.  Since my life is so crazy, I tend to discount my products to my customers to help compensate them for my craziness.  I place an order at a minimum of every three months, and offer my customers a 40% discount on EVERYTHING.

This discount is available to all customers, new and old.  Unfortunately I can not offer free shipping at a 40% discount if you live out of my immediate area.  However the company does offer direct shipping for a flat $5.00 for all order under $100.00 before the discount.  So, I will honor the 40% discount to my out of town customers, they just have to pay the $5.00 shipping costs.  (If your order is over $100.00 before the discount then we will work something out).

If anyone is interested in ordering, please contact me and we can make arrangements.  Ordering has no affect on the giveaway.

So, onto the good stuff....the product for the giveaway is...

Mary Kay Cream Highlighter ($14.00) - (this is a discontinued product and is no longer available to order directly)

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Elaine said...

i love their satin hands!

Lisa Brown said...

I really like the Mary Kay NouriShine Plus glosses.

Gale Nelson said...

The satin hands is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Do you have anyone of the highlighter?